Capturing: Fuji S2000HD IR Codes…

Sometimes all the searching in the world won’t find you what your looking for.  This being the case with the shutter IR trigger codes for the Fuji S2000HD digital camera. 

The Fuji S2000HD utilizes the well documented NEC IR protocol. Luckily I had some TFM5360 IR receivers in my parts bin and with a quick bit of soldering, an Arduino IR shield was born. An IR LED was added for retransmission and testing.

Using the stock example program IRrecvDump from Ken Shirriff’s excellent Arduino IR remote library we can capture both decoded, recognizable codes as well as the raw timing data for non-standard and propriety IR codes.  Without further _delay(ms); here’s the data:

  • 0xD30C817E : Shutter
  • 0xD30C41BE : Play
  • 0xD30C11EE : Back
  • 0xD30CE11E : Menu
  • 0xD30CC13E : Up
  • 0xD30C21DE : Down
  • 0xD30C619E : Left
  • 0xD30CA15E : Right
  • 0xD30C916E : Feature

For information on using these codes with your camera trigger, see the TriggerTrap website.

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