20th Apr 2011

Arduino Compatible Line Following Robot

An Arduino compatible line following robot was designed and built in conjunction with the Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts group: http://www.ottawarobotics.org/. The robot uses QRE1111 reflective IR sensors for line detecting, an...

22nd Nov 2010

Solder Hotplate

To perform low temperature soldering of laser diodes a hotplate is being designed and built. It consists of two parts, the heater and the controller. The heat source is four...

08th Nov 2010

Hexapod Leg with capacitive postional feedback

A leg system driven by screw coupled to a DC motor. The circuit board consists of rotary capacitive feedback mechanism, micro-controller and DC motor drive. 1) Side View 2) Capacitive...

30th Oct 2010

3.5Hp Leaf Vacuum

Updates: The leaf vacuum was recently featured on woodgears.ca. You can find more pictures and details at http://woodgears.ca/misc/leaf_vacuum.html A leaf vacuum was designed and built as a tribute to the...

30th Oct 2010

Candle holder

This candle stick was turned by hand on a lathe more than ten years ago. The inspiration came from a glass candlestick of similar proportions at a department store.

29th Oct 2010

High Speed Router Mount

A router mount was designed and built to address the shortcomings of my milling machine’s low spindle speed (3600 rpm) for PCB machining. The mount bolts to the head of...

29th Oct 2010

SX3 CNC Milling Machine

My CNC milling machine is controlled via parallel cable from an old P4 laptop running Mach3. Spindle speed is 0-3600 rpm. The linear drive consists of C6 precision ball screws...

30th Aug 2010

LED Flashlight with 1w Constant Current Drive

A constant current LED driver was implemented to power a 1 Watt Cree P4 XR-E providing roughly 85 Lumens @ 350 mA. The constant current SMPS was based on the...