New Media Art

Creative ideas become unbound realities while expanding the spectrum of new media art.
Hourly, daily and per project rates are available, inquire on the contact page.
Custom installation and technical advisory services available. 

  • NBOG 2014: AIR WING - Take a virtual bike ride through the NBOG zones on ‘AIR WING’
  • UR Beating <3 - UR Beating <3 UR Beating <3 is a wearable Arduino based heart monitor. In conjunction with Megan Smith.  More to come soon – watch for updates!
  • Hack UR Baubles: Assembly Instructions -   A project by Michael Grant & Megan Smith. hack ur baubles will be available in December 2013. Customize your Christmas lights and add a personal narrative to your baubles with light and sound sensors. Build your Christmas experience to your taste and then control your project with a TV remote. Beam out morse message lights or become a […]
  • Firefly Installation: Nuit Blanche Ottawa Gatineau 2013 - More information can be found on the Lumipendant Website here:
  • Landline: Audio archiving site-specific experiences. - ‘Landline’ is a free app for audio archiving site-specific experiences. It was built with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS using the ApplicationCraft cloud IDE and compiler.It runs on Android, iPhone and from the Chrome web browser, links at the bottom. A city’s character permeates through the membranes of its communities, structures and systems. So what and […]
  • WindPOV Weather Station - A wind turbine powered weather station displaying temperature, humidity and wind speed by persistence of vision using 8 white LEDs along a wing tip. The turbine blades were cut from a length of 4 inch PVC pipe. A 12v stepper motor salvaged from a floppy drive is used as the generator. The stepper body is […]

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