Landline: Audio archiving site-specific experiences.

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‘Landline’ is a free app for audio archiving site-specific experiences.
It was built with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS using the ApplicationCraft cloud IDE and compiler.
It runs on Android, iPhone and from the Chrome web browser, links at the bottom.

A city’s character permeates through the membranes of its communities, structures and systems. So what and where does Ottawa fall in the spectrum of the global community and does the city’s cosmopolitan nature define its identity?

‘Landline’ is a city-based project that promotes the democratisation of the local voice within the context of the built environment it is affected by. This living archive gains agency through participation and has the potential to become a geo-located audio map of places within the city recounted democratically, and anonymously if the participants wish.

Use it to record up to 3 minutes of audio about a space that affects you emotionally or physically. Use is to share an anecdote that needs to be heard.
Then listen to what other people think of the spaces they inhabit every day.
This is a creative city intervention that discusses the regions culture and current social stance.

Created by artists: Megan Smith, Michael Grant & Jean-Marc Le Blanc
Commissioned by: Artengine – ‘We Make the City! We are the City!’ Festival, Ottawa, ON, 2013. With funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.

For Chrome web browser:
Download for iPhone:
Download for Android: 65a04dbcf&hl=en

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