DC Servo Drive

This is a DC Servo drive built in the summer of 2009 for the project “Topology of Dubai” which can be found online at SocialHardware.net. An Atmega88 @ 16 MHz is running a PID loop and outputting PWM locked antiphase. The H-bridge is controlled via the ir2184 gate drivers.

This type of servo drive finds use in motion control systems and CNC equipment. Click the image for a larger view.

Schematic and PCB in Eagle format: servo drive.zip
Servo software for MEC-S3 version 0.16: Servo MEC-S3 v16.zip

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  • I am interested in you progress, I am adding cnc control to a 1926 South Bend 11″ lathe.
    This started out as a search for a gearbox and morphed into a control project.

    At present I am considering the 08020 drives from CNC4PC…. but I am still assembling parts. I have two servos, a 60 volt 600 watt Electrocraft and a 90 volt (x)watt Marquipt.
    Will the drivers you spec’d handle higher power FET’s?

    Looks like more choices to make… I’m getting to old for this… LOL

  • Great cute smart and real-time, Hello!
    To see that simple DC servo and would like to learn, could be further to the point of data and code, I was personal DOY the MACH3 players of

  • Zihe, what are you telling me?
    – Michael

  • Hi Krazatchu,

    That’s some amazing work done here!

    I’d like to order a servo driver kit, please let me know how!
    We are building a business in China to assemble low-cost servo motor systems. If your device fits our specs we expect there to be hundreds of thousand of orders per year.

    We have decades of experience in design/build/sales of CNC machines in the Hong Kong and Chinese market. I believe there are multiple ways we can work together on this.

    Looking forward to your other projects/reply!


  • Hi!
    I have 90% of this driver mounted and I’m looking for software that helps me tune my servo. Is there any ready program like yours “stepcapturegraph2”? Can you send it to my email? THX!

  • This specific servo drive as shown in the above post?
    Or a similar one?

  • SERVO: ugjmee-02xib12

    And 2nd question – how set fuse bits?

  • misunderstanding…
    I have 90% of MEC-S3 mounted 🙂

  • I normally use AVR Studio 4 to program as well as set fuse bits as they are individually selectable..
    Somewhere in this thread is a tuning program that works with this firmware, a modified elm variant.

  • Hello again!
    I have trouble with this circuit – signal from encoder does not come to processor. I have changed LM393D but without results. At PD4 & PD5 I have high state constantly. I didn’t use encoder booster for tests now… Any ideas?

  • OK now! I just have added 470 ohm pull up resistors to encoder outputs. 🙂

  • Hi Krazatchu, Thanks a lot for publishing your version here for us! I just found and read thru the Cnc-zone thread where you posted, I hope the thread there doesn’t die!
    Do you remember the source file name that you made the hex file from? Would be good to know.

  • Hello
    I want to know the HEX file Servo MEC-S3 v16 will work on atmega328 28pin DIP chip rather then 32pin SMD chip.

    Thank you

  • hi, i’m having trouble with atmega88pa-pu proc.i can not connect to servotuning.exe.fuses ok, rs232 ok, tried also with ft232.i’ve read that atmega88PA series do not support anymore full swing crystal,maybe that’s why i’m having trouble.i can not find anymore plain atmega88 can you please update code for this processor?any help would be apreciated.thank you.

  • Hi michael,
    can i use this driver for 180 vdc motors? what value of DO-214AC? also SOD80C? Best regards

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