Arduino Proto Board

An Arduino compatible proto board was realized as part of a larger project. Provisions were made to include additional features for future use. The board is based on the Atmega128 and includes an AT86RF230 for 802.15.4 RF communication, a DS1307 RTC with a 1 farad supercap backup, an FTDI232 for USB to serial bridge, an SN75176 for RS485 communication, numerous port headers including an 8bit LCD connector and two  buck mode power supplies providing 5 volts and 12 volts at 2 amps based on the TPS5420. The intended  code written for the board consisted mainly of RF communication and motion control algorithms.

1) Schematic  2) Board  3) Toner transfer  4) RF section  5) Reflow  6)  Populated Board

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