09th Nov 2007

Restaurant / Bar

A quick mock up of a restaurant/bar with a rolling divider to accommodate varying capacities. Source material from MS paint, tools used were 3DS MAX and Photoshop.  

11th Dec 2006

Mechanical Systems

      Some mechanical illustrations drawn with 3DS MAX.  

12th Dec 2005

Christmas Balls

      Originally created in 3DS MAX and rendered with a car paint material for a Christmas card.

11th Dec 2005

Apartment Exterior

A Korean apartment complex in Gapyeong, east of Seoul.Created from 2D CAD documents in 3DS MAX and Photoshop.

30th Oct 2005

Apartment Interior

  A slice view of a Korean apartment done in 3DS MAX.

01st Oct 2005

Digital Camera

This digital camera was an self introduction to box modelling in 3DS MAX. Some of the material and post work was done in Photoshop.