Arduino Compatible Line Following Robot

An Arduino compatible line following robot was designed and built in conjunction with the Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts group:

The robot uses QRE1111 reflective IR sensors for line detecting, an ATmega328 running the Arduino bootloader, an on board USB to serial converter based on the FTDI232RL, a TB6552 H-bridge driving gear motors and battery power is boosted by an LTC3401 boost regulator. The motor mount/batter holder was CNC machined from a single block of one inch nylon stock. The wheels were courtesy of a dollar store toy truck, four rubber wheels for one dollar.

In the video seen below, the robot is running some rudimentary Arduino code for testing purposes. More information, schematics, Eagle files as well as PIC based designs by Aaron of can be found on the Ottawa Robotic Enthusiasts Wiki at:

1) PCB 2) Schematic 3) Video below

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