What can castellations do for you?

Castellations are a low cost connection method that turns the PCB into a surface mount sub-assembly. They are commonly used on small radio assemblies and as breakout boards for fine pitch SMD components. This first attempt has proved very informative. As can be seen, a section of the plated through hole remains, likely the result of a dull end mill. Images shown are of 200x and 20x magnification respectively… krazatchu

5 Responses to “What can castellations do for you?

  • Did you ever find a pcb vendor who could do this right for you? Also, you might have better luck with a V-score and then snap the castallations apart?

  • No, I never tried again after that. V-score is a great idea!
    While Seeed Studio normally allows panelization, they forbid scores and drill lines.
    OSH Park is probably a better bet…

  • OSH Park won’t allow holes within 15 mils of the board edge, but maybe they could be convinced to look the other way. I tried what you did above too and had a flap of copper left on each hole, which I suppose is slightly better, but still not good enough.

  • Laen (of OSH Park) might have some ideas as he works directly with the manufacturer…

  • I am thinking about trying this. It looks like EuroCircuits will do this. Just check “plated holes on the board edge” under advanced options.

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