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Precision rotary feedback, embedded discrete-time calculus and high power switching.

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A full service provider offering rapid concept realization through advanced manufacturing methodologies.

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Electronic Design

Specializing in mixed signal analog and digital systems with a focus on reliable, long term solutions.

17th Apr 2008

Ultrasonic Resonant Tracker

  1) Schematic  2) Power (blue) & Phase Angle (pink)  3) Resonant mode frequency sweep  4) AD9833 (MSOP) breakout board As a part of a larger project, the requirement to...

31st Mar 2008

AVR Direct Digital Synthesis

An AVR based R2R DDS with controls for offset and gain.  Sine, sawtooth, square and triangle waveforms are stored in look up tables in the Atmega16?s internal flash. An LM358...

05th Mar 2008

Centrifugal Separation Technology

A centrifugal separator was designed and built to handle a continuous solid/liquid process stream. The book “Decanter Centrifuge Handbook” by Alan Records and Ken Sutherland was more than instrumental in...

29th Feb 2008

X-Wing Class AB Power Amp

A class AB power amp was designed to run a 200 watt ultrasonic transducer. The topology is a qsc cascode type amp running from +/- 80 volts DC. 1) Schematic ...

09th Nov 2007

Restaurant / Bar

A quick mock up of a restaurant/bar with a rolling divider to accommodate varying capacities. Source material from MS paint, tools used were 3DS MAX and Photoshop.  

20th Apr 2007

Peristaltic Pump on Servo Drive

A peristaltic pump was required to dose a non-homogoneous solution for a project. Shown here is the pump being driven by a DC Servo, controlled by a laptop over RS232....

11th Dec 2006

Mechanical Systems

      Some mechanical illustrations drawn with 3DS MAX.  

12th Dec 2005

Christmas Balls

      Originally created in 3DS MAX and rendered with a car paint material for a Christmas card.