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Motion Control

Precision rotary feedback, embedded discrete-time calculus and high power switching.

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A full service provider offering rapid concept realization through advanced manufacturing methodologies.

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From embedded user interfacing to best in class methodologies, your complete product design solution.

Electronic Design

Specializing in mixed signal analog and digital systems with a focus on reliable, long term solutions.

25th Aug 2010

9 Watt LED Desk Lamp

A desk Lamp was realized with a 9w LED module, a salvaged Pentium slot heatsink and an AtMega 8. Two switch mode supplies were used, one to provide 5v for...

21st Aug 2010

CNC Cutting board inlay

On short notice I was requested to make a turtle inlay into a cutting board. The source image was clipart provided by Google, polished with a bit of Photoshop, added...

19th Aug 2010

WindPOV Weather Station

A wind turbine powered weather station displaying temperature, humidity and wind speed by persistence of vision using 8 white LEDs along a wing tip. The turbine blades were cut from...

20th May 2010

Capacitive Water Sensor

A capacitive sensor was developed as a feedback method to measure the moisture content of a system. It was based on an AtTiny2313 running on the internal RC oscillator  @...

31st May 2009

DC Servo Drive

   This is a DC Servo drive built in the summer of 2009 for the project “Topology of Dubai” which can be found online at An Atmega88 @ 16...

18th Apr 2009

Arduino Proto Board

An Arduino compatible proto board was realized as part of a larger project. Provisions were made to include additional features for future use. The board is based on the Atmega128...

31st Dec 2008

Data Logging Weigh Scale

Implemented here is a data logging digital weigh scale. The original scale was gutted, leaving the four strain gauges, one per leg.  The main controller is an AtMega32. An AD623...

04th Nov 2008

IR LED Matrix with DMX-512 Control

A complete computer controlled lighting system implemented as an art installation was realized using the DMX-512 protocol. OpenDMX was used for sending packets along a multi-drop RS-485 bus. AtTiny2313?s were...