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01st Oct 2011

6NoMi: The Age of Refinement

The 6NoMi RF project, designed for use with Arduino or standalone, is now sporting a major upgrade with a four layer PCB. While removing the castellations of the earlier version...

01st Aug 2011

AtTouch Library for Arduino and the AT42QT1070

As a follow up to the previous post, I would like to present to readers the new AT Touch for the Arduino. This library wraps the code mentioned in the...

14th Jul 2011

Arduino capacitive touch sensing with the AT42QT10XX

Capacitive touch sensing has never been easier with the Atmel AT42QT1070. Out of the box it self calibrates and requires little to no setup. As well, it re-calibrates upon timeout...

01st Jul 2011

New Developments: Trigger Trap

The Trigger Trap is an Arduino compatible universal camera trigger. Supporting out of the box laser, light, sound and time lapse triggering, the Trigger Trap brings the ease and simplicity...

30th Jun 2011

QR Code: Hardlinking the Internet of Things…

QR is the abbreviation for quick response, a 2D bar code standard developed in Japan that can be decoded with a webcam or camera phone. They can be used to...

30th Jun 2011

One Chip To Rule Them All

NoMi Design is now beta testing its new project the 6NoMi. The 6NoMi is a wireless device designed for use with the Arduino or as a standalone wireless mote. The...

21st Jun 2011

How to: Adding an image to an Eagle layout.

When your using Eagle to design and layout circuits, at some point you may want to add an image. While Eagle easily supports adding text, we are going to use...

19th Jun 2011

What can castellations do for you?

Castellations are a low cost connection method that turns the PCB into a surface mount sub-assembly. They are commonly used on small radio assemblies and as breakout boards for fine...