How to: Adding an image to an Eagle layout.

When your using Eagle to design and layout circuits, at some point you may want to add an image. While Eagle easily supports adding text, we are going to use a specific font and adjust the kerning to create the desired result.

1) Using the drawing package of your choice, create the image, use only black. Make it large, here it is 2000 pixels wide. Set the mode to grayscale and save it as an 8-bit BMP.

2) Start Eagle and open your layout. Choose Run from the file menu and locate the “import-bmp” script. click OK to the dialog.

Locate your BMP file and click OK.

3) As PCB silk screen is a single color we want to select “No scan” and then select the top left box for the color black followed by OK.

4) If all went as planned you should see the dialog indicated on the right. Here we can select the scale as well as the layer. Common choices are Layer 21 tPlace (top layer) and 22 bPlace (bottom layer). It’s possible to use a copper layer as well. Click OK to continue.

5) Choose “Run script” on the next dialog that pops up and wait for a bit.

6) Finally your image will be added to the layout at the origin. As the image is made up of many horizontal lines, to move your image you will have to use the select group tool first. If you happen to select unwanted parts, you will want to hide all layers except layer 21, from View menu, Display/hide layers…

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